Marketing Audits

Sometimes a fresh set of eyes is all that is needed to identify marketing challenges for an established property. A Marketing Audit provides a detailed analysis of all aspects involved in marketing the community. The end result is a customized blue print for community marketing improvement, enhancements and direction.

Our Marketing Audits services include

Marketing Message Review

Marketing is no longer as simple as ‘set it and forget it’. The message needs to stay fresh and relevant and it needs to be consistent. A review of all advertising and marketing materials will provide a full picture of how the community is perceived along with suggestions for changes and new marketing approaches to be incorporated.

Competitive analysis

We will create a complete market survey by visiting and interviewing the competition and creating a rent comparison analysis showing all associated costs, perceived market value and highest source of traffic

Customer Experience analysis

A review of the customer experience from the first touch point through resident communication will be presented. A summary of on line reviews and responses will also be provided along with recommendations for enhancement in reputation management as well as service.

Marketing Positioning and Repositioning

In today’s constantly evolving market, it is important to stay on top of every community’s market positioning. By identifying areas for improvement, new competition and new target markets, we provide the knowledge needed to craft an effective marketing campaign. Our analysis is also a great place to start before purchasing a property or beginning a costly renovation.