Social Media Strategy & Marketing

Social media is becoming the premiere way to connect with potential clients and customers. With experience in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn strategy, CMC can push your reach even further. CMC’s social media strategy and marketing team will take your ideas and turn them into well-crafted posts, saving you time and money by making sure that the right people see the right content.

Connect with potential customers in relevant and unique ways by creating long lasting relationships through the use of specific social media marketing tactics

Strategic Planning

With our strategic social media planning and the best scheduling software, your customer will see the best posts and the most optimal time.

Featured Content

All social media platforms are different, with our expertise you will save time and money by only featuring content on the most relevant platforms for your business

Our Social Media services include

SMM Strategy

We know that every client is different which is why strategy needs to be specifically catered to your needs. Our strategic planning will set you up to accomplish all of your social media goals.

Content Ideation

Your voice is the most important part of content ideation. We create content for your social media pages that establishes who you are as a brand. This impactful message will make future customers remember your content.

Scheduled Posts

We use the best scheduling software to make sure your posts are seem by the right people at the right time. We factor in the optimal time to post on social media when scheduling your curated content.


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn Services