Customer Service Training

A prospect’s decision regarding where to live is often influenced by the experience of as much as by what the community had to offer. This is why top-notch customer service is so important. Our innovative program is designed specifically for the property management industry and discusses challenges faced daily by site staff and how to create an environment that welcomes new residents, reminds existing residents why they chose to live at the community and reduces turnover.

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Our Customer Service Training services include

Customer Service on a Platter

Learn how to deliver top notch customer service and increase customer satisfaction through this innovative program. Designed specifically for the property management industry, this class discusses the challenges faced daily by site staff and how to create a customer friendly environment that welcomes new residents and reduces turnover.

Team Building

Discuss the elements of a great team and how to create one in the office. This program involves personal and team assessments as well as interactive exercises.

Time & Stress Management

The information age has accelerated the pace of business. Unfortunately the increased pace can often lead to additional stress in the work place, especially in Property Management. Through discussion and demonstration of several time management tricks and tools that have worked in Property Management, participants in this seminar will explore ways to better manage time and work in order to help minimize stress on the job. Attendees will also learn to recognize their individual stressors as well as ways to address and reduce on the job stress.

Listening & Communicating Effectively

One of the cornerstones of successful sales is the ability to listen and communicate effectively. Through the use of simple exercises and assessment tools, participants will see the importance of these skills and learn ways to increase sales, promote more efficient work patterns and avoid misunderstandings through better communication.