Leasing Training

During this training, we will cover the entire leasing process from the prospect’s first contact with the property, to the onsite tour, closing for the sale and follow up after the prospect’s visit. Attendees will be engaged by participating in role playing and demonstrations. In addition to training for market rate communities, we provide detailed leasing and marketing training for tax credit communities. Whether you are brand new to leasing or need a refresher course, this training will provide strong leasing skills for everyone who attends.

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Our Leasing Training services include

Leasing School

Learn all aspects of the leasing process including how to handle internet inquiries and how to follow up on a prospect's interest. This program involves role playing and demonstrations of how to effectively sell an apartment and close on interest.

Leasing 2.0

When a Leasing Consultant has mastered the basics, it is time to take the skill set to a new level. This workshop will help attendees overcome any hurdles they are experiencing on site, brainstorm new marketing and outreach techniques and take leasing skills to the next level.

Drill Down Classes

If there is a particular leasing skill that needs focus, our drill down classes are a perfect answer. Our Phone Drill Down and Closing Drill Down programs have helped countless leasing professionals get back on track to generating traffic and leases.

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